About Us

The Local Flavours of C'era Una Volta - local ingredients transformed to "Bella Tavola!"



From his early lessons in his nonna’s Elba Island kitchen, to the recipes perfected as he studied the culinary arts in Italy, Chef Rudy prepares the historic flavors of Tuscany for your enjoyment today.
C’era Una Volta opened in 2004, and each year since, we have been honored to be recognized by the Accademia Italiana della Cucina, an official organization of the Italian government, as an authentic Italian restaurant.




Slow Food Mission

In addition to presenting authentic Italian cooking, Chef Rudy has been a member of the original Italian division of Slow Food since 1990, and a member of the Alameda Slow Food convivium since its inception in 2008. Slow Food is a movement that advocates respect for the origins of foods, authentic cultural preparation and the sense of community that accompanies this mission.

Community is truly at the heart of our culinary philosophy. And in keeping with the essence of taking time to enjoy the act of eating with friends, C'era Una Volta offers a quiet location and a relaxed atmosphere in Redwood Square in which to savor your dinner, lunch or caffé in good company at a liesurely pace.


Special Occasions

For a special occasion, ask about our chef’s tasting menus, prepared by Chef Rudy to pair our fine Italian wines with savory flavors and sweet desserts. Also, in addition to our delivery and off-site catering services, our private dining room and mezzanine are available for meetings, conferences, and customized full-service catered parties.

For a real taste of what we have to offer - from the food, to live music, to displays from local artists - we invite you come and see for yourself, and experience the magic of Tuscany right here in Alameda.

Buon Appetito!